Volume 1, 2018 "Andromeda" of Santa Barbara Literary Journal is available for purchase at

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Curious about what's inside?

• Emeralds for Andromeda–by T. Lawton Carney
• You Get Used To It–by Mark Bessey
• Walter's Demons–by Reina Warnert
• Andromeda Prime–by Silver Webb
• Petunia's Baby–by Brent Baldwin
• After the Apple–by Lisa Lamb
• Blue Brain Terrain–by Janet Rendall
• Pests–by S.M.C. Wamsteker

• As I Cannot–by Christine Penko
• Rabbits, Detritus, Rain–by Christine Penko
• Transverse Range–by Marsha de la O
• Invisibility Cloak–by Marsha de la O
• Meteor Display–by Mary Ames

Short plays
• I Do-Nut Think That's A-Muse-Ing–by Stuart Orenstein
• All Pets Go To Heaven–by Alessandra Albanese

Flash Fiction
• Desert Dusk Music–by Thomas Timmins
• Flash Trinity–by Ted Chiles
• Love Triangle–by Chella Courington
• Lot 136–by Yvette Keller

• Armenian Rhapsody–by Mary Freericks
• The Bombing of Tabriz–by Mary Freericks
• Blue Watermelon–by Mary Freericks
• Interview with Mary Freericks–by Silver Webb

• Letter from the Mistress of Song–by Laura Hemenway
• Clubhouse–by Kate Graves
• Ma Petite Chanson Parisienne–by Magali Michaut and Patrick Rydman
• Last Music Store–by Max Talley
• Just Another Daydream–by Sonya Heller
• Desiree–by Kim Michalowski
• Santa Fe–by Dennis Russell
• Lightning–by Bryan Titus
• Mariposa–by Laura Hemenway
• Nothing Else Will Do–by Bill Lanphar
• Pale Blue Dot–by Jen Hajj

The last section of the journal is titled: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, which focuses on the work of Santa Barbara Writers Conference workshop leader and shamanic explorer Matt Pallamary, who has been with the conference for thirty years. The offerings here include:
• Interview with the Mind-Expanding Matt Pallamary–by Max Talley
• Excerpt from n0thing–by Matt Pallamary
• The Good Ship Pallamary–by Shaun Sanders

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