Friday, May 31, 2019

Announcing Santa Barbara Literary Journal, Volume 3: Bellatrix

Santa Barbara Literary Journal
Volume 3: Bellatrix
June 2019

Silver Webb

Laura Hemenway, Mistress of Song
Ron Alexander, the Poetry Baron
Rachael Quisel, Word Wrangler
Señor McTavish, Contributing Editor

"Wisdom" by Nate Streeper
"Her Chemical Highness Sets Out" by S.M.C. Wamsteker
"Shutter" by M. M. De Voe
"A Piece of Work" by Diane C McPhail
"Medicine Walk" by Jack Eidt
"The Scream" by Cheri Kramer
"Clap Hands" by Max Talley
"Nano-Dog" by Jeremy Gold
"The Post" by Jesse Krenzel

"Blessed are the Flesh Eaters" by Zane Andrea
"Lipstick" by Margaux Dunbar Hession
"Express Lane" by Chris Casey Logsdon
"Swimmers" by Melanie Doctors
"In Hand" by D. Avery

"St. Gregory’s Abbey" by Isabelle Walker
"Cling" by Perie Longo
"Believer on a Bullet Bike" by Perie Longo
"Asphalt" by Ronald Aden Alexander
"Starters Block" by Ronald Aden Alexander
"Caterpillar to Sparrow" by Isabelle Walker
"El Norte" by Paul Lobo Portugés
"AfterWords" by Cie Gumucio

"Golden" by Dennis Russell
"The Santa Ynez Valley Song" by Randall Lamb
"Mellow" by Burton Jespersen and Patrick Rydman
"Fires" by Mark A. Alciati
"Tectonic Trance" by Sonya Heller
"California" by Dan Bern
"I Won’t Come to California" by Russell Brutsché
"Please, Don’t Come to California" by Natalie D-Napoleon
"Surfliner" by Bryan Titus
"My State of California" by Laura Hemenway

"How Do You Keep a Wave Upon the Sand?*" by Ronald Aden Alexander
"Interview with Literary Agent Eric Myers" by Silver Webb
"A review of Come and Get Me by August Norman" by Lorelei Armstrong
"Mountain of Ashes: Interview with John Reed" by Christina Lay
"A Review of Mountain of Ashes: A Cosmic Love Story" by Chris Wozney

Volume 3 will be available for purchase on Amazon on June 8, 2019. And if you'd like to meet some of the authors and experience their writing and music, join us at the Santa Barbara Central Library on June 14, 6-8 p.m. See our Facebook event, here.

Curious about the cover art and our featured artist? June 8th, look for Nicholas Deitch's interview of writer and artist Max Talley, to be published here on the blog.

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