Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Letter from the Editrix

There is the famous French saying "Après moi, le déluge," a quote from the mistress of the Sun King, loosely translated to "After me, the deluge." She meant it rather callously, in the sense that she gave not one fig about what happened to those peasants starving on French land. And, indeed, the deluge was coming, but aimed at the royal family. In my lexicon, and particularly on a day after elections in which the right kind of deluge finally came, I use the phrase to denote the unknown wave looming in a liminal moment between an action and its result.

Which is a very dramatic way of saying that I pressed the "print" button on Volume 2 of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, and now...I wait...possibly for the deluge. All I ask are 100 copies delivered to my door with no tilt, no dropped text, no acts of heavenly vengeance on my typesetting, no blurred words. Such are the pins and needles upon which an editor dances, imagining errant init-caps and dropped footers. But if all goes well, and it usually goes much better than I think it will, Volume 2 will be an amazing issue, the culmination of a lot of effort in both the writing of the pieces and the designing of the volume. We work awfully hard here at the SB Literary Journal to do justice to the stories, poems, and lyrics we print. And, dare I say, I think this one is even handsomer than Volume 1? I present, then, the cover of Volume 2, with artwork courtesy of the talented and generous Robin Gowen.

We will have several local events to celebrate Volume 2. The first will be on November 29, at Chaucer's Books in Santa Barbara. I do hope you will join us.

In the meantime, the Editrix waits, waits, waits for that box of perfect copies to be delivered to her door. Après moi, le déluge? We shall see!

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