Monday, July 16, 2018

Bad Dream

by Ron Alexander

The dream swats me
wields a green willow switch
wakes me
whacks my thighs shoulders
gnaws at my ankles
drives splinters under my eyelids
spits vile names from its little yellow mouth.

I outmaneuver it in the grocery store
hiding next to the dryer sheets
which make my skin crawl—
something insidious about their claim
Eliminates Static Cling.
But at what cost?

When I get home
it waits by the kitty door to the kitchen
now peering out a window in the stereo cabinet
or there on the panini press
pretending to ignore me.

© Ron Alexander 2011

Ron is a mostly retired psychologist, long-term AIDS survivor, and a celebrated poet who lives in Santa Barbara with his partner Gary R. White. Ron contributes to Santa Barbara Literary Journal as the Poetry Baron, SB Lit Jo's ambassador to both Santa Barbara and the larger poetry communities. You can find the first volume of SB Lit Jo on Amazon here.

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